Newborn Photo Sessions

Newborn date and time of birth

Congratulations! This is such a special time for you. You finally have the little cutie that you have been waiting 9 months to meet in your arms!

When is the best time to book my newborn session?

You can contact me at any point during your pregnancy and we can pencil in a day around a week after your due date. We can then change this depending on when your baby arrives. I am usually booked up a month or two in advance so try and get booked in nice and early.

The best time for newborn photo shoots is when baby is between 5-14 days new. This is because at this age they are still very sleepy and their bones are still soft, which makes it easier to get those adorable curled up images.

How long will my photo shoot take?

Your session will take place at my boutique studio, and will usually last 2-4 hours. Don’t be alarmed at the time frame – not all of it will be for taking photos. I work at your baby’s pace, allowing time for feeding, changing and soothing. Sometimes it can take a little while for your baby to fall into that deep sleep which allows me to work my magic.

What can I do to prepare for my photo shoot?

To help your session go smoothly, please try and keep baby awake before your session, and preferably time it so that they are due for a feed on arrival. Please expect your baby to feed a little more frequently, so if you are breast feeding you may need to top up baby throughout the session. If you are bottle feeding, please bring additional milk. It is also helpful to bring a dummy if your baby has one.

My studio is full of props, blankets and accessories that we can use to create some stunning images. You are more than welcome to bring personal items to be included in your images. A few examples are your baby’s blanket, toys, or a piece of jewellery. I will incorporate them into the photos to make them even more special.

So that I can capture your baby perfectly while they are still so brand new, for most of the session your baby will be in their birthday suit. I am very used to babies soiling blankets and props, and even me! So please don’t worry about any mess made. It will also be very warm in the studio to keep your baby comfortable, so you may want to wear layers.

Can I have family/sibling photos too?

Of course! You are more than welcome to have some family photographs taken too. I advise that you/siblings wear plain coloured clothes without any patterns or logos so that it isn’t too distracting.

When will I get to see the photos?

I know you won’t want to wait to to see your photos! That’s why I offer a same day viewing straight after we we have finished the photo shoot. We will go through the photos and you can choose your favourite ones, as well as the products to showcase your images – whether that be prints, canvas wall art, or digital images.

How can I book my newborn photo shoot?

To arrange your photo shoot you can send me an email, give me a call or click below to contact me via my contact page.

Call: 07743261387


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